Asuriel RO 2.0

by Administrator on 2021-08-22

AsurielRO Version 2.0 is finaly here!.

AsurielRO Version 2.0 is here! as we promised there's a lot of changes and improvement on our server! We are proudly say that our server is now on Amazon AWS! image.png 

Special Thanks to all who keep on supporting our server, giving such stunning suggestions, reporting bugs and being always active ingame!

  • The server is now in a better location and data center that gives a low ping to all players even if they are located in a different area. Some ping is not bad but still you don't have to worry because the server will give a smooth gameplay and no lag at all!


  • Forum, Wiki and Website Improvements.
    • Our Forum, website and wiki page are now loaded super fast!, Like before you need to wait for 2 - 3 minutes before the website becomes fully loaded, But now it just takes seconds!.


  • Update all NPC quest for Lighthalzen Quests.
    • Some NPC have incorrect quest log.
  • Fixed an issue where the player get stuck in Rekenber Job quest.
  • Corrected the warp Old Glast Heim.
    • Started floor 2 disable 2 NPC control.
      After end dialog mapannounce  "A portal to the west has opened in the central hallway. of npc #Servanton enable npc 2 NPC Control.
  • Update illusion of vampire quest NPCs.
  • Fixed incorrect enchant behavior at Geffen Magic Tournament Enchant NPC.
  • Fixed missing Reaping Quest NPC.
  • Fixed Chef Assistants sell list for the following maps.
    • prontera 156 212
    • moc_ruins 115 123
    • geffen 196 111
    • alberta 167 135
    • payon 206 119
  • Added New Battleground System Queue!
    • Added new battleground maps.
      • map: bg_ctf
      • map: bg_tdm
      • map: bg_eoe
      • map: bg_con01
      • map: bg_con02
      • map: bg_con03
      • map: bg_con04
      • map: bg_con05
      • map: bg_con06
      • map: bg_kvm
      • map: bg_sc
      • map: bg_dom
      • map: bg_rush01
      • map: bg_rush02
      • map: bg_rush03
      • map: bg_rush04
    • Added new shops inside the battleground maps which you can get by exchanging battleground badges.
    • More items are now obtainable inside the battleground queue.
    • Added announcement if the battleground is open.
    • Added Battleground Happy hour mode! Schedule (Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday).



  • Update all mobs inside the illusion of vampire quest.
  • Updated some monster skills from ep16.1 according to Divine Pride.



  • Update episode 16.2 Monster updates.
    • Added missing Heart hunter Card drop.
    • Removed Steal protection code for Build up potion SS.

3622.png           3631.png          3632.png


  • Implemented daily attendance reward for the month of July.
  • Enabled Cash shop Preview System.
    • Users now are able to preview the items on the cash shop.


  • Fixed Rifle damage being lower than expected.
    • Resolves Rifle damage not properly accounting for skill ratio damage.
  • Fixed hells plant on warping.
  • Added new Gepard code!.
    • @colornicks 1, 2, 3 or 4.
      • 0x4B2D20, 0xFAC79B, 0xABC5EE, 0x670DF4, 0xFDD154, 0x6E5EF2, and 0x16F949 we will add more codes to enjoy this new feature!.


  • Reverts the effects of Fire Expansion Acid.
    • Fire Expansion Acid should behave like it did prior to the skill balance updates and not like the current Acid Demonstration behavior.
  • Fixed shield spell status changes.
  • Fixed Assumptio increased healing.
    • Assumptio should increase receiving heals, instead of increasing outgoing heals.
    • Description of Issue: Assumptio bonus healing is working the other way around. It doesn't increase the healing receive by those who have the status rather it increases the healing capabilities of who has the status.
  • Fixes Dark Claw boss damage.
    • Dark Claw damage increase is only by half versus boss monsters.
    • Flipped the check around from halving the final damage.
  • Fixed Spore Explosion item consumption.
    • Spore Explosion will now properly consume the Bomb Mushroom Spore on skill use.
  • Fixed some inconsistent behaviors between normal and premium storages.
  • Fixed Arealoot command not working after using.


  • Fixed Lightning Walk versus magic skills.
    • Lightning Walk should only be canceled by long ranged physical attack/skills.

Grand Opening Event

by Administrator on 2020-12-04

Hey, adventurers! Welcome to land of Rune Midgard. let’s see what’s going with the interesting grand opening event.

1st Event: Christmas Screenshot Event, Get your best attire and location, Capture the screen and send the image here. â˜ƒï¸
We are giving rewards to those who will win this event. ðŸ’°

  • 1st Price : 1 Asuriel Coin and 1 Random Costume Box
  • 2nd Price : 1 Random Costume Box
  • 3rd Price : 300,000 Zeny

Event time: December 1st 12:00 am to December 12,12:00 am (GMT+8).

2nd Event: Reach to Max Level Event. Grind and Be the first job who get level 200/60 ingame. And claim your reward at Prontera town near Kafra NPC. 


Event time: December 1st 12:00 am to December 12,12:00 am (GMT+8).